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Garage door repair and installation

Garage door repair and installation is quite complex and difficult to do by yourself. We at Home Makeovers Unlimited offer our clients the best team to carry out the installation or repair tasks to ensure quality work. There are a number of advantages you can gain by hiring our garage door services:

  1. risk of injuries- it is complex, and these doors are quite heavy. Also, approximately 20000 injuries are reported every year, so we don’t recommend our clients to carry out the project themselves as safety and security come first.

  2. Protection against theft- until your garage door is installed or repaired, your home is vulnerable to theft, and your belongings are not safe; therefore, we recommend carrying out the task as soon as possible. Our team is quick in performing their tasks which will help you get them done earlier.

  3. Cost-effective- we offer estimated cost-friendly services.

  4. Technology- we utilize the latest machinery, tools, and equipment to handle doors so that they can last through the years